Forest Carnivore Sub-Committee

The Wildlife Chiefs’ Forest Carnivore Sub-Committee, formerly known as Wildlife Chiefs’ Wolverine Sub-Committee, was established by the President and Board of Directors in January of 2015 to address an identified need. Sub-Committee membership includes the Wildlife Chiefs from those western states where wolverines currently exist (WY, MT, ID, WA). This is a time-limited sub-committee of the Wildlife Chiefs that can be dissolved once the major work is accomplished. The committee’s approved Statement of Purpose:

“Develop a statistically defensible multi-state monitoring plan for states where wolverine populations exist (WY, MT, ID, WA); Seek funding to implement the monitoring plan; Coordinate development of individual state wolverine conservation plans for states with suitable wolverine habitat; and Coordinate and prioritize research efforts.”

Members List

Ken McDonald, Chair
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks
Martha Williams, Director Sponsor
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks
Chuck Lees, Member
Saskatchewan, Fish and Wildlife Branch
Eric Gardner, Member
Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife
Doug Brimeyer, Member
Wyoming Game and Fish Dept.
Brian Dreher, Member
Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Scott Gardner, Member
California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife