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North American Bighorn Sheep Distribution Map 1850-1960-2012

A broad depiction of historic Wild Sheep Distribution in 1850, 1960, and current time. The United States portion of the 1850 and 1960 maps was developed by Helmut K. Beuchner, author of the 1960 Wildlife Monograph, “The Bighorn Sheep in the United States, Its Past, Present, and Future. Beuchner considers these maps to be “probable distribution . . .”. similarly to those that depict bird species ranges in field guides at a very broad scale. The WSWG recognizes the intent was to depict mountain ranges or complexes of rugged terrain where bighorn would exist but not the adjacent flat valleys. The WSWG also recognizes there were geographic errors made in these maps. The 1850 and 1960 distribution in Canada and Mexico was developed by the Wild Sheep Foundation (not affiliated with the Wild Sheep Working Group) with a “broad brush”. The majority of the 2012 map is based on GIS mapping of occupied bighorn sheep habitat provided by each WAFWA jurisdiction.

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