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Test Page for Art Exhibition – Round 2

Adam Kavalunas - Utah Photograph Website: www.adamkavalunas.com
Instagram: @akavalun
"River of Life"
Looped fibre art with a brown elk encircled in a yellow glow in the forefront with a rainbow of colors on the ground, evergreen trees in the near distance, and blue mountains reaching the sky in far distance Shelly Nicolle-Phillips - Saskatchewan Fibre Website: hookedontheprairies.ca/
Facebook: hookedontheprairies
Instagram: @hookedontheprairies
"Glowing Elk"
Moose cow stands on the left looking to the bull moose on the right. Both stand knee deep in water. Evergreen trees are behind the mist water's edge. Large rocky mountains loom in the distance. Kelly Weimer - Idaho Watercolor Website: kellyweimerart.com
Instagram: @kellyweimerart
"Mountain Monarchs"
woman with long brown hair wears white shirt and brown suede chaps and straw hat. She sits on a horse, holding the reins and turns back with arm outstretched to watch a red-wing blackbird flying the opposite direction Kelsey Johnson - Montana Oil Website: www.kraeartworks.com
Instagram: @k_raeartworks
"This Way to Water"
James Corwin - Montana Website: jamescorwin.com
Instagram: @jamescorwin
"Zoology Lesson" Adult wolf stands broadside with head turned toward grasshopper on a blade of grass. Young wolf beside adult also looks at grasshopper with tongue out
Carli Baum - Idaho Website: vsual.co/shop/vivid-west-designs-by-carli-baum
Instagram: @vividwest_designs
Facebook: VividWest Designs by Carli Baum
"Spirit of the West" pastel drawing of a male pronghorn on black background Pastel pencil on black paper
magpie stands perched on a post facing to the right. grass grows around post. background is green and yellow ground and vegetation with dark blue sky and white clouds Janet Johnson - Utah Watercolor Website: janetjohnsonartist.com
Instagram: @Janet_Johnson_Artist
Etsy: JanetJohnsonArtist
"Magpie in the Meadow"
Desiree Cline - Oklahoma Facebook: Desi Branson Cline - Desimay's Wildlife Photography "A Mother Bear Giving Her Cub a Piggy Back Ride" Brown mother bear standing beside tree trunk with one cub on hind legs standing on her back, front paws on tree. Second cub is climbing trunk on opposite side Photograph Roxanne Hernandez - Texas Facebook: Coal Creek Woodworks "American Kestrel" wood carved american kestrel perches on branch Wood bull bison stands in a field of yellow poppies. cowbirds are flying around his shoulders. Kelsey Johnson - Montana Oil Website: www.kraeartworks.com
Instagram: @k_raeartworks
"Land of the Desert Poppy"
Kelsey Johnson - Montana Graphite Website: www.kraeartworks.com
Instagram: @k_raeartworks
"Big Cat"
cowboy astride the back of a California rainbow trout with rope in his hand connected to a lure in the fish's mouth Alice Ready - Nevada Colored pencil and Watercolor paint Instagram: @aliceready8
Redbubble: AliceReady8
LinkedIn: Alice Ready
"Rope and Release"
colored pencil drawing of a male ring-necked pheasant walking in dry grass, tail up. Dustin Teasley Color pencil "PHEASANT" colored pencil drawing of a black crappy biting onto a lure Dustin Teasley Color pencil "Crappie" bighorn sheep ram stares into the camera. his horns cracked and chipped Phil Tuttle - Utah Photograph Instagram: @phil_tuttle "Experience Counts" Tempe Regan - Idaho Website: www.temperegan.com
Facebook: Tempe Regan - Nature Artist
Instagram: @naturetalkswithtempe
"Ghost Turkey" drawing of turkey head in black and white in upper left with turkey feathers in color oriented vertically on the page Prismacolor Pencil and Graphite Pencil
a pair of trumpeter swans fly from left to right in foreground. Behind them and far below are mountains. Michael Chatt - Idaho Photograph Etsy: Western Photographs
Instagram: @westernphotographs
Facebook: Western Photographs
"Trumpeter Swans in Flight"
Erin Huybrechts Davis Acrylic Website: http://www.erinhuybrechtsdavis.com "Antelope" Vivid drawing with hare in foreground, meadowlark in tree beside it. Behind that are two pronghorn running with magpies flying over them, rolling hills with mountains behind. Layers of dark clouds overhead, bright sky in far distance Elizabeth Parkinson - Idaho Website: www.elparkinson.com Watercolor "Yearling Pronghorn" young pronghorn looks at viewer through a wreath of leaves and feathers Arizona desert bighorn ram stands perched on rockface over ewe peaking out from behind a rock beside him George Andrejko - Arizona Photograph Website: azgfd.gov
Facebook: Arizona Game and Fish Department
"Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep"