Greater Sage-grouse Range-wide Population Monitoring Guidelines

Posted by WAFWA on November 3, 2023
Counts of displaying males on leks have been the primary method to monitor sage-grouse (greater sage-grouse, Centrocercus urophasianus, and Gunnison sage-grouse, C. minimus) since scientific investigations of these species began, with the first lek counts recorded in the 1940s (Batterson and Morse 1948, Patterson 1952, Connelly and Schroeder 2007, Johnson…
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Guidelines for the Management of Columbian Sharp-tailed Grouse Populations and their Habitats

Posted by WAFWA on September 9, 2015
The Western Agencies Sage and Columbian Sharptailed Grouse Technical Committee, under the direction of the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, requested a revision and expansion of the guidelines originally published by Giesen and Connelly (1993). This document provides a synopsis of current knowledge of CSTG ecology and presents…
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