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Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (WAFWA)

Building on a Strong Past to Create a Stronger Future

A 100-Year Legacy of Advocacy for Scientific Fish and Wildlife Management and Cooperative Conservation in the West

Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (WAFWA) and its supporting foundations, Foundation for Western Fish and Wildlife (FWFW) and Species Restoration Foundation (SRF), represents 24 states and Canadian provinces, an area covering nearly 3.7 million square miles of some of North America’s most wild and scenic country, inhabited by over 1,500 premier wildlife species. Since 1922, WAFWA’s goal has been to support sound resource management and build partnerships at all levels to conserve wildlife for the use and benefit of all citizens, now and in the future.

MISSION: To advance collaborative, proactive, science-based fish and wildlife conservation and management across the west.

CORE VALUES: Leadership, Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence, Support, Respect, and Accountability.

HISTORY: In the 1920s, game commissions throughout the West began to assume responsibilities for the management of game and fish resources. In 1922, these visionary managers formed the precursor of today’s WAFWA to advocate for state management authority and to foster regional cooperation. After 100 years, that leadership work by WAFWA continues.

WAFWA Bylaws

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FWFW Bylaws

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SRF Bylaws

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Executive Committee

Tim McCoy (NE)

Vice President
J Shirley (UT)

Members At Large
Jeff Davis (CO)
Ty Gray
Brian Nesvik (WY)
Kevin Robling (SD)

WAFWA Leadership
Zachary Lowe,
Executive Director

Executive Committee

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WAFWA’s support encompasses more than 40 percent of North America, including two-thirds of the United States. See our 24 member states and Canadian provinces:

Member Agencies

“WAFWA has been representing Member Fish and Wildlife Agencies Since 1922”

Meet the people who are working together to help WAFWA and their Member Agencies and Partners deliver conservation through information exchange and working partnerships:

WAFWA Staff & Contractors