WAFWA Executive Committee

Fiscal Year 2023

(July 1st to June 30th)

Board Officers

Brian Nesvik
Director, Wyoming Game and Fish Department
5400 Bishop Blvd
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82006
Office: 1 (307) 777-4501

Vice President
Ty Gray
Director, Arizona Game and Fish Department
5000 W. Carefree Highway
Phoenix, AZ 85086
Office: 1 (623) 236-7100

At Large Members
Brad Loveless (Kansas): Brad.Loveless@ks.gov
Jennifer Psyllakis (British Columbia): jennifer.psyllakis@gov.bc.ca
J.D. Strong (Oklahoma): JD.Strong@odwc.ok.gov

WAFWA Leadership

WAFWA Executive Director
Dr. Zachary Lowe
WAFWA Executive Director
P.O. Box 190150
Boise, ID 83719
Office: 765-404-4986

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BOARD OFFICERS AND ELECTIONS. A President and a Vice President are elected each year from the Board during the annual meeting (WAFWA Summer Conference). Each officer shall serve for a period of one year and until a successor is elected. Nominations for office are made by the Nomination Committee. Read the full WAFWA By-Laws.

WAFWA By-Laws, as amended July 16, 2019