Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is one of four standing committees set forth in WAFWA’s Constitution and Bylaws. Committee membership is comprised of three members from the Board as appointed by the President and affirmed by the Board. The committee’s approved Statement of Purpose:

• “Recommend candidates for elected offices each year at the summer annual conference;
• Recommend host locations for the annual conference on an established rotation schedule among member agencies, recognizing that the committee shall reserve the right to alter from the schedule if unforeseen circumstances preclude normal rotation;
• Provide direction and assistance on how to plan for, and conduct a successful annual conference, and do so by convening a Committee meeting at the annual conference that includes agency representatives from the past year’s host state or province, the current year’s conference planning group, and representatives from the state or province of the 1st, 2nd,.and 3rd, Vice Presidents of the Association;
• Conduct a debriefing session among committee members at the conclusion of the annual conference to discuss and critique all aspects of the event, and offer suggestions to the incoming host state or province on how to make improvements for the coming year”.