Commissioners’ Committee

The Commissioners’ Committee is one of three standing committees set forth in WAFWA’s Bylaws. The Commissioners’ Committee is an all state and all commissioner/board member forum. It is both an educational and informational session that occurs at the summer Annual Meeting and at the Executive Leadership Meeting of each year. This allows members an opportunity to understand what is happening in other states from the perspective of someone with a similar charge. This session helps to identify the role and responsibilities of a commission/board member and provides a learning environment through sharing experiences and providing networking opportunities. It is an excellent venue in which to discuss tough issues that most states have in common. The Commissioners’ Committee shall be chaired by a member of the host state commission. The committee’s approved Statement of Purpose:

“Solicit ideas from commissioners for discussion, evaluation and recommendation to the Executive Committee; keep commissioners informed of issues and actions and similar items with national or regional importance of a policy nature; and interact with other committees as necessary. Commissioners must recognize that all Commissions do not have the same authorities or responsibilities in each State.”

WAFWA is the only Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies region to include its fish and wildlife commissioners in its meetings. The Commissioner Committee is established in the WAFWA bylaws as a permanent committee. This page serves as a resource to commissioners of WAFWA Member Agencies.

AFWA’s 2022 Commission Guidebook and Resources
This guidebook and its associated resources were produced by the Wildlife Management Institute (WMI) with support from the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (AFWA). This page offers the full 2022 Guidebook, an Guidebook executive summary and FAQs, a presentation and several videos as a resource for commissioners.

AFWA’s Wildlife Resource and Conservation in North America booklet (pdf)
This booklet is a publication produced for ProjectWILD. In simple terms, it delivers the concept of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation, the Public Trust Doctrine, and Conservation Funding with the User-Pay, Public Benefit model. You may order a hardcopy of this document here.

Trapping Training Resource (pdf)
This is a summary of information provided for the Commissioner Committee at the 2021 WAFWA Summer Meeting

Members List

Tim Ragen, Chair
Washington Fish & Wildlife Commission
All Commission and Board Members