Climate Adaptation Committee

The Climate Adaptation Committee was established by the President to be comprised of members from the Board as appointed by the President and affirmed by the Board. The Committee will function as WAFWA’s principal forum for discussion, gathering information and/or identifying actions relative to all aspects of climate adaptations as it relates to fish and wildlife. The committee’s approved Statement of Purpose: 

“Increasing coordination and communication among western states/provinces on key climate change related issues;
Providing a venue to share information with state, federal, and provincial partners, as well as other conservation partners to improve development, integration, and implementation of fish and wildlife conservation plans and habitat objectives into state and federal agency planning;
•Identifying regional approaches for fish and wildlife monitoring, evaluation, and management responses;
•Creating a network of climate change contacts in Western North America that will work together to share information;
•Supporting regional efforts to develop strategies to manage the effects of climate related changes to fish and wildlife habitats;
•Identifying cross cutting issues that require multi-state coordination and collaboration;
•Advancing priorities or actions for discussion and consideration by the designated committee(s) within WAFWA;
•Monitoring and informing western states about the potential for future funding from federal climate change legislation.”

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Members List

Davia Palmeri, Chair
Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
Gavin Berg, Member
Alberta Environment and Parks
Sue Rodman, Member
Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game
Esther Rubin, Member
Arizona Game and Fish Dept.
California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
George Schisler, Member
Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Rex Sallabanks, Member
Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game
Chris Berens, Member
Kansas Dept. of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
Ken McDonald, Member
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks
Mark Watson, Member
New Mexico Dept. of Game and Fish
Jennifer Newmark, Member
Nevada Dept. of Wildlife
Ken Cunningham, Member
Oklahoma Dept. of Wildlife Conservation
John Lott, Member
South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks
Mike Canning, Member
Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
Lynn Helbrecht, Member
Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife
Paul Dey, Member
Wyoming Game and Fish Dept.