Law Enforcement Committee

The Law Enforcement Committee was established by the President to be comprised of members from the Board as appointed by the President and affirmed by the Board. The committee’s approved Statement of Purpose:

“It is recognized that law enforcement is an integral component of wildlife management. As such, the WAFWA Law Enforcement Committee is established to provide a forum for wildlife law enforcement professionals from member agencies to:
Encourage and promote law enforcement cooperation and consistency;
Encourage and develop efficient and innovative law enforcement practices;
Promote wildlife or resource law enforcement training and education programs for officers;
Provide a forum for the collection and dissemination of information relating to changes in relevant law(s);
Review and provide comment to proposed and enacted relevant legislative changes;
Encourage the highest possible ethics, standards and practices for wildlife or resource related law enforcement;
Encourage the most courteous, impartial and efficient law enforcement services to the public; and
Properly staff assignments from, and convey recommendations and advice to, the WAFWA directors relating to wildlife and resource law enforcement issues”.

Members List

Nathan Erdman, Chair
Oklahoma Dept. of Wildlife Conservation
David Bess, Vice-Chair
California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
Bernard Chastain, Member
Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game
Gene Elms, Member
Arizona Game and Fish Dept.
Ty Petersburg, Member
Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Heather Dugan, Member
Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Greg Wooten, Member
Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game
Scott Reinecker, Member
Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game
Jason Ott, Member
Kansas Dept. of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
Dave Loewen, Member
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks
Craig Stover, Member
Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
Robert Timian, Member
North Dakota Game and Fish Dept.
Bobby Griego, Member
New Mexico Dept. of Game and Fish
Mike Maynard, Member
Nevada Dept. of Wildlife
Andy Alban, Member
South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks
Kevin Schoepp, Member
Saskatchewan, Fish and Wildlife Branch
Ronald VanderRoest, Member
Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept.
Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
Chris Anderson, Member
Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife
Rick King, Member
Wyoming Game and Fish Dept.
Scott Edberg, Member
Wyoming Game and Fish Dept.
Gordon Hitchcock, Member
Yukon, Dept. of Environment
Vacant, Director Sponsor