Human Dimensions Committee

The Human Dimensions Committee was established by the President to be comprised of members from the Board as appointed by the President and affirmed by the Board. The committee’s approved Statement of Purpose: 

“Serve as a forum for discussion and appropriate action on Human Dimensions in Wildlife (HD) research topics and applications, including, but not limited to:
HD projects underway in WAFWA member states and provinces;
HD projects initiated by the committee itself;
Current HD theory, methodologies, and practical applications;
Training and other HD professional development opportunities;
Other HD research conferences, networks and professional associations;
Implementation of the Issues Management Handbook.
The committee will work with other similar committees and other associations and the International, and with appropriate federal and quasi-federal agencies”.

WAFWA Human Dimensions Certification Program For Wildlife Processionals

This project developed and implemented a social science training program in the United States for state and provincial fish and wildlife agency employees. The program was intended to increase the capacity of agencies to deal with human dimensions (HD) issues. Upon completion of the training program, participating employees were awarded HD certification by the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. Program development was funded through a grant awarded by the International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies as part of the 2006 Multi-State Conservation Grant Program. The first phase of program implementation was completed in the summer of 2007 when 25 participants were awarded certification. A second round of training involving both state and federal agency employees in the US concluded in October 2008 during the Pathways to Success 2008: Integrating Human Dimensions into Fisheries and Wildlife Management Conference.

Colorado State University’s Department of Human Dimensions of Natural Resources continues to offer training in social science concepts and methodology for natural resource professionals through parterships with the Society for Conservation Biology, the Human Dimensions Branch of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Wildlife Institute of India.

CLICK HERE to view the WAFWA Human Dimensions Certification Program.

Members List

Mike Quartuch, Chair
Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Alberta Fish and Wildlife Branch
Jonathan Kirsch, Member
Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game
Maria Gladziszewski, Member
Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game
Jordan Traverso, Member
California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
Hawaii Division of Forestry and Wildlife
Ian Malepeai, Member
Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game
Susan Steffen, Member
Kansas Dept. of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
Mike Lewis, Member
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks
Alicia Hardin, Member
Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
New Mexico Dept. of Game and Fish
Chad Parent, Memeber
North Dakota Game and Fish Dept.
Chris Vasey, Member
Nevada Department of Wildlife
Betsey York, Member
Oklahoma Dept. of Wildlife Conservation
Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
Faren Wolter, Member
South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks
Allison Henderson, Member
Saskatchewan, Fish and Wildlife Branch
Matt Bartley, Member
Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
Robin Goodman, Member
Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
John Barry Taylor, Member
Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept.
Steve Pozzanghera, Member
Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife
Sandra Jonker, Member
Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife