A Step Forward with Migration Corridors

Posted by WAFWA on November 15, 2023

We are proud to announce that WAFWA has partnered with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to continue the efforts of western big game migration corridor conservation.

RMEF will be investing $400,000 into this effort, and WAFWA will match those funds at least 3:1 resulting in $1.2 million in funds for states/provinces to invest in big game migration corridors.

Migration corridor planning is a shining example of how WAFWA can be of service to its member agencies. With big game often migrating across jurisdictional lines, the management of those individuals passes from one jurisdiction to another. WAFWA provides a platform of communication and coordination of efforts between and among these jurisdictional agencies to provide a cohesive plan for big game to move to and from wintering grounds with considerations like highway crossings and private property impacts in mind.

Click here for the full Rocky Mountain Elk Press Release.

Also visit the WAFWA Movement and Migration Committee to see publications and other information about WAFWA’s landscape-level movement and migration efforts.