See you at the WAFWA Virtual Summer Meeting!

Posted by WAFWA on June 8, 2020

The WAFWA Virtual Summer Meeting will be July 8-10 and 13-14, 2020

WAFWA’s Summer Meeting is going virtual this year and we have a meeting schedule that is chock full of new events and sessions as well as our traditional meetings to get WAFWA business done.

This year, we will have a WAFWA Plenary Session titled “The Fifth R: Resiliency in Uncertain Times”. We all know about recruitment, retention, reactivation and relevancy, as it relates to our fish and wildlife resources. However, given climate change, the COVID pandemic, and other factors currently impacting our lives and our work, we need to turn our focus to resiliency, the Fifth R. The organizations you work for, are members of, or who you partner with, are all facing issues exacerbated by current conditions or issues that they have never had to deal with before. One key to effectively managing the impact of those issues may be our resiliency. 

Another new topic at this year’s meeting will be focused on illegal turtle trade. The “Stolen Turtles: The Program of Illegal Trade in Turtles at Local, Regional, National, and International Scales” Workshop will introduce the issue of illegal turtle trade through presentations on the global turtle trade to Asia, illicit turtle trade and enforcement efforts within the United States, efforts to detect illegal shipments, and housing and repatriating confiscated animals. The workshop will include a panel discussion after the talks to focus on needs and solutions. 

Hope to see you virtually at the WAFWA Summer Meeting!