WAFWA Names Best in Show

Posted by WAFWA on July 14, 2022

The Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (WAFWA) kicked off their centennial celebration last night in a Oklahoma City. One of the events featured was the “Spirit of Western Wildlife” art exhibition and auction.

The art exhibition featured twenty-one pieces contributed from across the West. Each person at the celebration event was able to vote for their favorite piece. 

WAFWA is pleased to announce “This Way to Water” by Kelsey Johnson as the voted Best in Show. Kelsey describes herself as a “western and wildlife realism artist.” She lives and works out of her studio gallery in Three Forks, Montana.

The “Spirit of Western Wildlife” art exhibition captured the diversity of how wildlife is experienced and appreciated in our region. From woven elk to photographed black bears and bighorn sheep to painted magpies and penciled trout – people appreciate western wildlife through their own lens of expression.

WAFWA and its member agencies will continue to work tirelessly to conserve wildlife and their habitats, so that our residents and visitors alike can continue to appreciate and benefit from diverse wildlife on our landscape.

See more of Kelsey’s work at www.kraeartworks.com and on Instagram as k_raeartworks.


woman with long brown hair wears white shirt and brown suede chaps and straw hat. She sits on a horse, holding the reins and turns back with arm outstretched to watch a red-wing blackbird flying the opposite direction
“This Way to Water” oil painting by Kelsey Johnson