Pronghorn Workshop

A WAFWA Sanctioned Workshop

The Pronghorn Workshop is a biennial meeting held in even numbered years sanctioned by WAFWA.  The workshop provides a forum where leading pronghorn managers and researchers share research results, management strategies, and emerging issues in the realms of pronghorn management throughout North America. The Pronghorn Workshop began in 1965 as the Antelope States Workshop. View the Bylaws (PDF, 71 KB).

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Please Check Back Soon!

The 29th Pronghorn Workshop was cancelled in 2020. Details will be posted about the next workshop as they become available.


Pronghorn Management Guidelines
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    September 1, 2014
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Pronghorn Management Guidelines, 5th Edition

Biological and management principles and practices designed to sustain pronghorn populations in the USA, México, and Canada.

Recommended Citation:

Yoakum, J. D., P. F. Jones, J. Cancino, R. J. Guenzel, R. Seidler, A. Munguia-Vega, I. Cassaigne, and M. Culver. 2014. Pronghorn management guides. Fifth edition. Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies’ Pronghorn Workshop and New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico. 159 pp.

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