29th Pronghorn Workshop

August 22, 2022 - August 25, 2022

Deadwood, SD

The Pronghorn Workshop is a biennial meeting held in even numbered years sanctioned by WAFWA.  The workshop provides a forum where leading pronghorn managers and researchers share research results, management strategies, and emerging issues in the realms of pronghorn management throughout North America. The Pronghorn Workshop began in 1965!

You are invited to attend the 29th Biennial Pronghorn Workshop. This year’s meeting will be hosted by the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks at the Deadwood Mountain Grand Holiday Inn Resort, located in Deadwood, South Dakota from August 22 – 25, 2022.

Schedule of Events

August 22nd – 25th, 2022
Deadwood, South Dakota



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Holiday Inn Resort
Deadwood Mountain Grand
$134.00 per night (plus taxes & fees)
Room block held until July 1, 2022



Gain exposure for your organization to fish & wildlife professionals, to network, and to exchange information and ideas.

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Papers/Posters & Awards

June 15, 2022
Submission Deadline

Workshop Objectives

Slide Provide an opportunity for all persons interested in pronghorn to meet and discuss current research and management of the species and its habitat. Slide To provide a vehicle for disseminating research and management findings to various agencies and organizations interested with pronghorn management. Slide To promote species-oriented research for development of new information on all aspects of pronghorn ecology, life history, and management. Slide To identify particular problems associated with pronghorn management and to ... Slide To formulate recommendations and resolutions directed to the appropriate agency or organization, including the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. Slide To promote cooperation among all agencies and organizations interested in pronghorn management and research.

Photo by: Tim Torrell (NV)

Call for Contributed Papers and Posters

Paper presentations will generally be scheduled for 15 minutes with 5 minutes for questions. Once the workshop agenda is finalized, presenters will be required to limit presentations to the allotted time available. If a slideshow presentation will be included, please intend on preparing a MS PowerPoint (e.g., .pptx, .ppt, .ppsx, .pps) or another PC compatible (e.g., .pdf) formatted file. Presenters can further ensure compatibility by saving presentations in multiple formats. Additional audio/visual services may be available upon request. Once presenters are finalized, details will be emailed regarding the file submission process.

Deadline for Submissions:  June 15, 2022 - Get More Information

Call for Award Nominations

Three awards may be given out at the 29th Biennial Pronghorn Workshop to be held in Deadwood, South Dakota. Award criteria and candidate qualifications are described below. Awards will be presented at the banquet on Tuesday, August 23, 2022.

Deadline for Nominations:  June 15, 2022 - Get More Information

Pronghorn Antelope

Schedule of Events

For complete schedule, click the link above

  • August 22, Monday – Registration begins, evening social
  • August 23, Tuesday – Papers; evening awards banquet
  • August 24, Wednesday – Papers; dinner on your own
  • August 25, Thursday – TBD; overflow as needed wrap-up; travel

We welcome any suggestions for topics, discussion panels, papers, posters, and other ideas to help us reach these objectives. If there are other colleagues involved with the management or research of pronghorn and pronghorn habitats, please let us know or feel free to share.


July 01 Deadline Fees:

$275 early bird registration by July 01
$325 late registration after July 01
$35 additional guest banquet ticket

Students and retirees are eligible for a $50 reduction in registration fees

Registration includes Monday social; Tuesday breakfast, lunch and dinner; Wednesday breakfast and lunch


Reserve early to guarantee a room and conference rates. Several lodging options are available, with the workshop being located at the Deadwood Mountain Grand Room blocks will be held until specified deadlines listed below.

  • Holiday Inn Resort Deadwood Mountain Grand
    $134.00 per night (plus taxes and fees)
    Room block held until July 1, 2022
    Reservation options:
    Phone: 877-907-GRAND (4726) or 605-559-0386 (dial 0 when prompted for front desk).
    The group is under “South Dakota Game Fish and Parks Pronghorn Workshop
    Online: Link below will use special rate only for booking rooms August 22, 23 and/or 24


  • Four Points by Sheraton in Deadwood
    Short walking distance to conference facility (10 min or .5 mile)
    $139.00 per night (plus taxes and fees)
    Room block held until July 07, 2022
    Reservation options:
    Phone: 605-791-5020. The group is under Booking code “SDO” or “SDGFP Pronghorn Conference
    Online: Link below will use special rate only for booking rooms August 22, 23 and/or 24


Travel Information

For those flying to this year’s workshop, the Rapid City Regional Airport (53 miles) is the nearest airport.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact either of the co-chairs:
Andy Lindbloom, South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks, 4130 Adventure Trail, Rapid City, SD 57702, USA, (605) 394-1751, Andy.Lindbloom@state.sd.us
Andrew Norton, South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks, 4130 Adventure Trail, Rapid City, SD 57702, USA, (605) 394-1752, Andrew.Norton@state.sd.us

A WAFWA Sanctioned Workshop

The Pronghorn Workshop is a biennial meeting held in even numbered years sanctioned by WAFWA.  The workshop provides a forum where leading pronghorn managers and researchers share research results, management strategies, and emerging issues in the realms of pronghorn management throughout North America. The Pronghorn Workshop began in 1965 as the Antelope States Workshop. View the Bylaws (PDF, 71 KB).

Workshops Proceeding (1965 - Today)


Pronghorn Management Guidelines
234 views / 6730 downloads
    pdf, 9.43 MB
    September 1, 2014
Publication Details

Pronghorn Management Guidelines, 5th Edition

Biological and management principles and practices designed to sustain pronghorn populations in the USA, México, and Canada.

Recommended Citation:

Yoakum, J. D., P. F. Jones, J. Cancino, R. J. Guenzel, R. Seidler, A. Munguia-Vega, I. Cassaigne, and M. Culver. 2014. Pronghorn management guides. Fifth edition. Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies’ Pronghorn Workshop and New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico. 159 pp.

View the Pronghorn Bibliography


The Berrendo Award

The Berrendo Award is the most prestigious recognition offered through the Pronghorn Workshop. Berrendo is derived from the Spanish word for pronghorn—North America’s prairie speedster— that epitomizes the difficulty of being a remaining Pleistocene native in a modern world. The award will be bestowed on an individual or a group of collaborators/team that made major contributions to pronghorn ecology and management.

Award criteria include:

  • First choice will be given to a nominee that is either retired or deceased. Additional outstanding and exceptional candidates will also be considered.
  • Contribution(s) by nominees can be a lifetime (>10 years) career directly involved in pronghorn research or management.
  • Contribution(s) can be a major publication(s), including books, chapters of books, special reports, monographs, or other publications that have regional or range-wide significance.
  • Contribution(s) needs to have afforded significant scientific advancement in the management or research of pronghorn.
  • The contribution can represent either a single event or a long-term commitment to pronghorn.

Previous Winners of the Berrendo Award:

 2002:  Jim Yoakum (retired BLM), Verdi, Nevada

2004:  Bart O’Gara (deceased, Univ. of Montana Fish & Wildlife Coop. Unit), Lolo, MT 2006:  Tom Pojar (retired Colorado Division of Wildlife), Kremmling, Colorado

2008:  Richard Ockenfels (retired Arizona Game and Fish Department), Mayer, Arizona

2010:  Rich Guenzel (retired Wyoming Game and Fish Department), Laramie, Wyoming

2012:  None

2014:  Tommy Hailey (retired Texas Parks and Wildlife Department), Alpine, Texas

2016:  Jorge Cancino (Centro de Investigaciones Biologicas del Nosoeste, Baja California Sur,   Mexico

2018:  John A Byers (University of Idaho), Moscow, Idaho

Special Recognition Award

The Special Recognition Award was created to honor the many people, teams or organizations that have made worthy contributions that aid in the conservation of pronghorn. These can include projects that are oriented to pronghorn management, research or appreciation.

Award criteria include:

  • Nominee should be living and currently/recently active and involved in pronghorn conservation.
  • Contribution(s) should be an important event or accumulation of important contributions to pronghorn management, research, or appreciation.
  • Contribution(s) can be a new field or analytical technique that has regional or range -wide application.

Previous Special Recognition Award Recipients:

2002:  Karl Menzel (NE), Jorge Cancino (BCS, MX), Bill Rudd (WY), Richard Ockenfels (AZ)

2004:  Rich Guenzel (WY), Alice Koch (CA), John Hervert (AZ), Arizona Antelope Foundation (AZ)

2006:  Rick Danvir (UT), Fred Lindzey (WY), Rick Miller (AZ)

2008:  Morley Barrett (Alb, Canada), David Brown (AZ)

2014:  Joe Riis (SD), Hall Sawyer (WY), and Emilene Ostlind (WY)

2016:  Jorge Cancino (Mexico), Paul Jones (AB)

2018:  Bill Rudd (WY), Matt Kauffman (WY), Ken Gray (NV), Tom Warren (NV), Charlie Clements (NV), Jim Young (NV)

Pronghorn Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame was created to honor historic individuals or groups/teams that accomplished outstanding services for pronghorn conservation prior to the establishment of the Berrendo Award (pre-2002). Those involved in pronghorn conservation today owe much to the efforts of pronghorn biologists, managers, researchers, and other conservationists that produced worthy efforts prior to the establishments of any awards. The Pronghorn Hall of Fame awards are an ongoing effort to formally recognize the careers and long-term contributions of our predecessors.

Criteria for presenting this award include:

  • The nominee must be retired or deceased (criteria accepted at 2006 Pronghorn Workshop).
  • An inductee may be a pronghorn advocate, a land manager, an agency biologist, an academic, an artist, or various combinations thereof.
  • Nominee’s career should have contributed to increases in pronghorn numbers, distribution, knowledge of, or appreciation.
  • Pronghorn conservation must have been a paramount part of nominee’s career (criteria accepted at 2006 Pronghorn Workshop).
  • Contributions must be of historic significance to the management, research, or conservation of pronghorn.
  • Contributions should have regional, national, or international value or application.
  • Contributions can be scientific or popular books, chapters of major books, a monograph, agency/organization special reports, or a number of articles (>5) in scientific or popular journals.
  • Contribution(s) can be an important scientific advancement in either a field or analytical technique.
  • All Berrendo Award winners will automatically be inducted into the Pronghorn Hall of Fame, either upon retirement or passing.

Previous Hall of Fame Inductees:

  • Jim D. Yoakum and Bart W. O’Gara (2002 and 2004 Berrendo Award recipients) automatically inducted.
  • Tom M. Pojar (2006 Berrendo Award recipient)
  • Arthur S. Einarsen (OR), Helmut K. Buechner (TX), and T. Paul Russell (NM) (2008 elected as members).
  • Richard A. Ockenfels (2008 Berrendo Award recipient).
  • Rich Guenzel (2010 Berrendo Award recipient).
  • Tommy Hailey (2014 Berrendo Award recipient)
  • Jorge Cancino (2016 Berrendo Award recipient)
  • William Hepworth (2016 selected member)
  • John A. Byers (2018 Berrendo Award recipient)