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Mule Deer and Movement Barriers

A publication about the movement and travel patterns of Mule Deer and the barriers to them.

Several important considerations for mitigating barriers to movement can be identified and implemented to ensure that managers, engineers, and planners can incorporate the appropriate engineering features that mule deer and other wildlife need to maintain connectivity, genetic interchange, and herd health. This document should help managers identify the type of data that assists in determining how movement corridors may be identified. This document should also assist the manager in determining when to engage with planners and encourage planners to engage with wildlife biologists. And finally, this document should provide some proven techniques for mitigating movement barriers, while providing a resource to locate many more.

Suggested Citation: Wakeling, B.F., J.W. Gagnon, D.D. Olson, D.W. Lutz, T.W. Keegan, J.M. Shannon, A. Holland, A. Lindbloom, and C. Schroeder. 2015. Mule Deer and Movement Barriers. Mule Deer Working Group, Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, U.S.A.

A product of the Mule Deer Working Group - Sponsored by the Western Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies

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