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Mule Deer Conservation: Issues and Management Strategies

The book “Mule Deer Conservation: Issues and Management Strategies” was published in 2003 by the Jack H. Berryman Institute and the Mule Deer Working Group (sponsored by the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies). This 240-page book is the latest information on mule deer biology and management and is written by the Western states’ and provinces’ leading mule deer biologists. It is written primarily for biologists and hunters so you have the latest information at hand on issues like diseases, predation, habitat changes, nutrition, elk/deer competition, weather, etc. Advances in technology combined with more sophisticated experimental design has added considerable insight to the foundations of mule deer ecology described in the classic “Mule and black-tailed deer of North America” edited by O. C. Wallmo and published in 1981.

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