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The Lesser Prairie-Chicken Range-wide Conservation Plan

This document is a comprehensive range-wide conservation plan (RWP) for the lesser prairiechicken (Tympanuchus pallidicinctus; hereafter LPC), and if implemented in a timely manner, is intended to preclude the need to list the LPC under the Endangered Species Act of 1973, as amended (ESA). The goal of the RWP is to conserve the LPC for future generations while facilitating continued and uninterrupted economic activity throughout the entire five-state LPC range. The RWP identifies a two-pronged strategy for LPC conservation: (1) the coordinated implementation of incentive-based landowner programs, and (2) the implementation of a mitigation framework which reduces threats and provides r e s o u r c e s for off-site conservation.

Van Pelt, W.E., S. Kyle, J. Pitman, D. Klute, G. Beauprez, D. Schoeling, A. Janus, J. Haufler, 2013. The Lesser Prairie-Chicken Range-wide Conservation Plan. Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. Cheyenne, Wyoming, pp.367

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