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White-Tailed Prairie Dog & Gunnison’s Prairie Dog Conservation Strategy

The Gunnison’s prairie dog (GPD; Cynomys gunnisoni) and the white-tailed prairie dog (WTPD; C. leucurus) play an important role as potential keystone species in maintenance of the sagesteppe and prairie ecosystems. Due to a number of reasons, both species have declined in distribution and abundance throughout their ranges (Seglund et al. 2006a, 2006b). Factors contributing to this decline include, but are not limited to, the absence of species-specific management, necessary staff to implement management policies, and lack of financial resources to conserve prairie dog populations and associated species. The objective of state and federal agencies involved in WTPD and GPD management is to conserve and maintain viable prairie dog populations and the sage-steppe and prairie ecosystems they inhabit.

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