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Importance of Private Lands and Landowner Incentive Programs for Big Game Movement

While wildlife are a public resource, private landowners provide important habitat for big game and other wildlife. Some big game species can spend a large portion of their lives on private land. Many migratory elk and mule deer herds live on high elevation public land in the summer, but move to low elevation winter ranges which are frequently dominated by private land. Because of their wide-ranging movements, habitat for big game is not managed by one landowner or agency alone. It requires stewardship across jurisdictions and landscapes. The continued existence of long-distance migrations and wide-ranging species is a testament to the current and past management of these lands.
Lands managed for the mutual benefit of wildlife and livestock provide critical habitat and space to move across the landscape. These working lands help offset increased fragmentation and pressures from the expanding human footprint throughout North America. Providing financial and technical resources for landowners whose lands overlap with migration corridors is a high priority for wildlife and habitat managers.

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