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Robert L. Patterson Award

The Robert L. Patterson Award was established in honor of his seminal work, The Sage Grouse in Wyoming, and to recognize those who continue efforts to conserve and manage Gunnison and greater sage-grouse and Columbian sharp-tailed grouse. This award is given at the biennial Sage and Columbian Sharp-tailed Grouse Workshop.

The Robert L. Patterson Award
The Robert L. Patterson Award. From left to right: Dr. Jim Sedinger, U. Nevada Reno, emeritus, 2018 Patterson Award winner; Dr. Phillip Street, U. Nevada Reno, young professional award; Tom Christiansen, Wyoming Game and Fish Department (retired), 2018 Patterson Award winner.

Award Recipients:

  • 2022 – Sara Oyler-McCance and Terry Messmer in Logan, Utah
  • 2021 – Peter S. Coates and Shawn P. Espinosa (virtual)
  • 2018 – James S. Sedinger and Thomas J. Christiansen in Billings, Montana
  • 2016 – Patricia A. Deibert and Steven T. Knick in Lander, Wyoming
  • 2014 – Clinton McCarthy and Kerry P. Reese in Elko, Nevada
  • 2012 – San J. Stiver and Michael Schroeder in Steamboat Springs, Colorado
  • 2010 – Randall B. Smith and John W. Connelly, Jr. in Twin Falls, Idaho
  • 2008 – Clait E. Braun in Mammoth, California


Award Criteria:
To recognize individual(s) and organization(s) who have made significant contributions to sage and sharp-tailed grouse research, management or other support programs, which have enhanced the welfare of any of these three species. The contribution should be evidenced by a sustained effort over at least 10 years. The contribution may be related to research, management activity, promotion of an integrated program, or some combination thereof.

Selection Procedure:
The Awards Committee will be made up of a chairman and any additional members of the Sage and Columbian Sharp-tailed Grouse Technical Committee, appointed to the committee by the Chairman. Anyone can submit nominations to the Awards Committee, including members of the Awards
Committee. Nominations will be submitted to the Awards Committee Chairman at least one month prior to
the biennial Sage and Columbian Sharp-tailed Grouse Workshop.

Nominations should include the following information:
A. Name, address, and phone number of nominee.
B. Biographic sketch of individual or brief history of an organization.
C. Overview of contributions indicating the nature of the contributions, duration, how it has contributed to the welfare of these species, and the geographic area influenced by the contributions.

A maximum of two awards may be awarded at a biennial meeting.

Please submit nominations electronically to Mike Schroeder (michael.schroeder@dfw.wa.gov) AND Pat Deibert (pdeibert@blm.gov) no later than June 15, 2024.

By Robert L. Patterson

The Sage Grouse in Wyoming

First published in 1952 The Sage Grouse in Wyoming was a seminal work, the first comprehensive study of the several species of western grouse. The author, Robert L. Patterson led the study from 1948 – 1952. This comprehensive treatise includes the first complete study of the natural history of the sage grouse, initially described by Lewis and Clark in 1806.

The book is divided into three parts. Part I presents an overall view of the physical and biotic environment, diseases, parasites and other factors influencing population density. Part II is devoted to natural history and Part III is devoted to the influence of man’s activities on population density.

ISBN-13: 978-1932846317 ISBN-10: 193284631X


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