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Western Interagency Wildlife Health Specialist

This is a contracted term position for two and a half years with the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (WAFWA) to enhance and develop interagency coordination and communication, increase wildlife health disease detection and response, and develop projects to address wildlife health issues regionally. This is an excellent opportunity for an early to mid-career professional interested in leadership development in wildlife policy, program development, communication, and management. Position structure may include a fellowship, post-doctorate, or contract agreement and is flexible to attract the most qualified candidate.

General responsibilities: conduct a survey and analysis of wildlife health and disease detection and surveillance capacities and needs across the member organizations of WAFWA; represent the Wildlife Health Committee on WAFWA working groups and committees; coordinate technical assistance between the Wildlife Health Committee, working groups and other technical
committees as directed by the Regional Wildlife Health Coordinator / WAFWA Committee Chair. Develop strategies and identify potential funding to develop and increase the wildlife health and disease response capacity of member organizations; as projects and opportunities are identified and at the direction of WAFWA Leadership and the Wildlife Health Committee, other
duties, tasks and products will be assigned and documented in the production of quarterly reports to the WAFWA Leadership and partners.

Education, Experience
The successful candidate must be familiar with diseases of free-ranging wildlife and should have demonstrated experience working with state wildlife management agencies. Strong interpersonal skills, excellent written and verbal communication skills, and ability to thrive in a collaborative research environment are critical. Basic computer skills are essential. Establishing and maintaining working relationships with state and federal agency personnel, and other collaborators is essential. Professionalism and positive attitude must be maintained as this person will have frequent contact with agency personnel and the public, which will help to maintain the professional image and credibility of WAFWA.

A Master’s of Science in wildlife biology/ecology, veterinary science, epidemiology, or related field is required. In addition, a PhD, DVM or three years of related work experience or postgraduate research is desirable.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and/or Competencies required to successfully Perform work:

Scheduling, activity level
While this position will generally be working in an office, there will be a considerable amount of travel required. Some work may require long hours during the day or at night. There may be occasional field, laboratory and necropsy tasks. Ability to sit for long periods during office work. The candidate should reside in the western United States or Canada.

This position is funded with a 2 and one half year contract of $70,000/year to be paid on a biweekly basis. Travel will be reimbursed by WAFWA per the organization’s travel reimbursement process.

Submit cover letter and CV to ajusticeallen@azgfd.gov before December 15th 5:00pm MST.

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