Enrollment Opportunity for Private Landowners

Posted by WAFWA on August 17, 2023

Under WAFWA’s Oil & Gas Candidate Conservation Agreement with Assurances (CCAA) for the lesser prairie chicken, new land enrollment is now being accepted into the conservation program.

Enrollment Overview

WAFWA is offering a sign-up incentive and annual payments under a voluntary 10-year agreement to implement a management plan designed specifically for your property. Management plans are designed to maximize habitat value while improving the long-term sustainability of your agricultural operation or other goals you have for the property.

Priority is given to properties that could benefit from cost-effective habitat restoration, such as mesquite or red cedar removal, reclamation of inactive well pads, utility lines or roads, and where cropland/fallow fields can be restored.

Private landowners interested in conservation that have at least 160 acres located within a Conservation Priority Area may apply!


The current sign-up period closes October 15, 2023. Applications will be notified of WAFWA decision by November 15, 2023. Apply online at https://arcg.is/9mSCX