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About WAFWA Sanctioned Workshops

History & Purpose

The Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (WAFWA) began sanctioning workshops in the mid-1970s. These workshops are established to provide a forum for wildlife professionals to interact with each other on new research, management, enforcement and administrative practices, and to use this new information to promote better management of species or administration of member agencies. The Directors annually review applications for workshops and the schedule of those already sanctioned, and also hear from workshop hosts about significant findings, developments, accomplishments and concerns emanating from the workshops, including the policy ramifications of any recommended actions. Simply put, the Directors see this “sanctioning” process as an ongoing means to keep abreast of important issues. As such, these workshops generally receive the highest priority for attendance by agency personnel. Once “sanctioned”, these workshops are authorized to use the name of the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies on printed materials related to the workshop, and hosts are encouraged to acknowledge the WAFWA’s participation. This participation, however, does not extend to financial assistance.

Application & Approval Process

The Directors of the WAFWA have established application and approval procedures in their Workshop Procedures and Guidelines. Provided below is the application form.

Workshop Operating Guidelines

The Directors of the WAFWA have established operating guidelines and reporting requirements for sanctioned workshops. These guidelines are designed to provide for timely review and action on the Directors’ part, and the applicant the opportunity to learn what it takes to host a successful workshop and understand the feedback mechanisms that are required back to WAFWA.