2023 Conservation Trailblazer

Posted by WAFWA on November 23, 2022

Congratulations to Jim Heffelfinger for being named Dallas Safari Club’s 2023 recipient of the Conservation Trailblazer Award. DSC recognizes “monumental contribution of wildlife professionals to the field of game and non-game wildlife conservation, including wildlife and habitat management, applied research and policy” with this award.

DSC recognizes Heffelfinger’s contribution to conservation naming his current positions of wildlife science coordinator at Arizona Game and Fish Department and adjunct faculty and research scientist at University of Arizona. They also review his impressive 30-year career in wildlife conservation and list his current outreach efforts to national and international audiences.

WAFWA is no stranger to Heffelfinger’s enthusiasm and investment in wildlife conservation. He has chaired WAFWA’s standout Mule Deer Working Group for 17 years.

Heffelfinger will be presented this award in January at the DSC Convention and Expo in Dallas. Read the DSC award announcement here.