Desert Bighorn Council Workshop

April 7, 2021 - April 8, 2021

Virtual Platform

The meeting of the Desert Bighorn Council.

A WAFWA Sanctioned Workshop

The Desert Bighorn Council Workshop is a biennial meeting held in even numbered years sanctioned by WAFWA.  The workshop provides a forum where leading desert bighorn managers and researchers share research results, management strategies, and emerging issues in the realms of bighorn management throughout North America.  Please visit us at

Established to promote the advancement of knowledge concerning the Desert Bighorn Sheep and the long-range welfare of these animals.


2021 – The 56th meeting of the Desert Bighorn Council: Past, present and future threats: disease, exotic ungulates, and a change in mind set. The 56th meeting of the Desert Bighorn Council was hosted by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department as a virtual platform meeting on April 7- 8, 2021.