Past Conferences

WAFWA Executive Leadership Meeting 2023

November 28, 2023 
Henderson, Nevada 
The WAFWA Executive Leadership Meeting for Directors, Deputies and Commissioners will be November 28th to December 1st, 2023 in Henderson, Nevada.
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WAFWA’s 2023 Summer Meeting

July 10, 2023 
Santa Fe, New Mexico 
On behalf of WAFWA and New Mexico Game & Fish, we invite you to join us at our 2023 Summer Meeting. Registration is Open!
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WAFWA’s 2023 Winter Meeting

January 5, 2023 
Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico 
The 2023 WAFWA Winter Meeting will be January 5-9, 2023 at the Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort & Spa in Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico.
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WAFWA’s 2022 Summer Meeting

July 10, 2022 
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 
The WAFWA Summer Meeting was July 10 - 15th, 2022 at the Omni in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We kicked off WAFWA's 100th Anniversary as part of this event.
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WAFWA Winter Meeting 2022 – Virtual

January 6, 2022 
We invite you to attend the Virtual WAFWA 2022 Winter Meeting. Registration is open!
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WAFWA’s 2021 Summer Meeting

July 14, 2021 
Virtual Platform 
2021 WAFWA Summer Meeting included a symposium on the America the Beautiful initative.
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WAFWA’s 2021 Mid-Winter Meeting

January 5, 2021 
Virtual Meeting 
2021 WAFWA Mid-Winter Meeting included a symposium on western fires and their impact of fish and wildlife resources.
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WAFWA 2020 Summer Meeting

WAFWA’s 2020 Summer Meeting

July 8, 2020 
WAFWA's Summer Meeting went virtual with a full schedule of new events and sessions. The Plenary Session was "The Fifth R: Resiliency in Uncertain Times".
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WAFWA’s 2020 Mid-Winter Meeting

January 9, 2020 
Monterey, CA 
The 2020 WAFWA Mid-Winter Meeting was held Thursday, January 9 - Sunday, January 12 at the Monterey Tides Hotel in Monterey, California.
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Past Locations

The host state for the summer meeting also hosts the mid-winter meeting, but the mid-winter meeting is usually held in a warm state within the region.

Host Winter Summer
2021 No Host Virtual Virtual
2020 Utah Monterey, CA…….Virtual
2019 Kansas Tuscon, AZ Manhattan, KS….
2018 Oregon San Diego, CA Eugene, OR
2017 Colorado Phoenix, AZ Vail, CO
2016….Wyoming…. San Diego, CA Cody, WY
2001Park City, Utah
2000Redmond, Oregon
1999Durango, Colorado
1998Jackson, Wyoming
1997Sparks, Nevada
1996Honolulu, Hawaii
1995Big Sky, Montana
1994Anchorage, Alaska
1993Sacramento, California
1992Scottsdale, Arizona
1991Edmonton, Alberta
1990Sun Valley, Idaho
1989Seattle, Washington
1988Albuquerque, New Mexico
1987Salt Lake City, Utah
1986Portland, Oregon
1985Snowmass, Colorado
1984Victoria, British Columbia
1983Teton Village, Wyoming
1982Las Vegas, Nevada
1981Honolulu, Hawaii
1980Kalispell, Montana
1979Anchorage, Alaska
1978San Diego, California
1977Tucson, Arizona
1976Sun Valley, Idaho
1975Seattle, Washington
1974Albuquerque, New Mexico
1973Salt Lake City, Utah
1972Portland, Oregon
1971Snowmass, Colorado
1970Victoria, British Columbia
1969Jackson Hole, Wyoming
1968Reno, Nevada
1967Honolulu, Hawaii
1966Butte, Montana
1965Anchorage, Alaska
1964San Francisco, California
1963Tucson, Arizona
1962Seattle, Washington
1961Santa Fe, New Mexico
1960Salt Lake City, Utah
1959Portland, Oregon
1958Sun Valley, Idaho
1957Glenwood Springs, Colorado
1956Vancouver, British Columbia
1955Moran, Wyoming
1954Las Vegas, Nevada
1953Long Beach, California
1952Glacier National Park
1951Phoenix, Arizona
1950Portland, Oregon
1949Seattle, Washington
1948Salt Lake City, Utah
1947Santa Fe, New Mexico
1946Twin Falls, Idaho
1945Denver, Colorado
1944Phoenix, Arizona & Salt Lake City, Utah
1943Reno, Nevada
1942Jackson Hole, Wyoming
1941Salt Lake City, Utah
1940Seattle, Washington
1939Del Monte, California
1938Yellowstone National Park
1937Denver, Colorado
1936San Francisco, California
1935Santa Fe, New Mexico
1934Portland, Oregon
1933Vancouver, British Columbia
1932Salt Lake City, Utah
1931Flagstaff, Arizona
1930Santa Fe, New Mexico
1929San Francisco, California
1928Seattle, Washington
1927Seattle, Washington
1926Boise, Idaho
1925Denver, Colorado
1924Portland, Oregon
1923Missoula, Montana
1922Salt Lake City, Utah (Inaugural Meeting) & Sacramento, California